Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Big Big Announcement!

Hello lovely people!

First of all, if you're reading this, thank you. Thank you for visiting my blog or clicking on the link despite the fact that I haven't posted anything in almost a year! Let me explain myself a little bit.
This academic year was different. In September 2015, I realised that I have to concentrate on my studies and work in order to finish with a strong degree in 2017, therefore I decided to stop blogging for a while. In fact, I had not even brought my camera with me to Glasgow - I knew that looking at it on my dressing paper as it is slowly getting covered by dust would just make me feel guilty.
This Easter, I went home and decided to bring my camera with me this time. I love this blog, and I want it to happen. I have been doing it on an off for YEARS, and I always decide that I am going to bring some sort of consistency into it... Hopefully this time I will actually stick to it.

There is one reason however, why I thought it was great to have this little break and now 're-launch' it again, as the blog is about to change. The reason it will change is that I went through a major change myself just recently. I decided to go vegan.
In February 2016 I wanted to set a challenge for myself and go vegan for lent. Every year I lent without meat, and for some reason, last year it was not ideal at all - I could not wait to start my 'normal' diet again. I was thinking that I might just skip lent this year, however, a strong inner feeling suggested that I should set a bigger challenge. I decided to try veganism. I obviously had to do my research and as I was reading studies, blogposts, watching youtube videos and documentaries, I got so excited that I could not wait for Ash Wednesday to come. I therefore thought, why would I wait, so I started my journey in the first week of February. It only took me one or two weeks to realise that this will not end with lent. I felt amazing, enjoyed the food, the experimenting, and I was proud of myself for what I was doing for the animals and our planet. I have been vegan ever since and it is probably the best decision I have ever made in my life.

I invite you all to come with me on my vegan journey through this blog. I will not delete any past blogposts. Not even the roast chicken one! Food is memories, and I want to save them all, even if they represent a 'me' that I don't fully identify with anymore. I have lived twenty two years as a meat eater, I will not deny it, especially not on this blog.

Despite this big big change, there is one thing that is still the same: I still want to eat. All. The. Time. Come, cook, bake, fry, freeze with me, enjoy food, enjoy life! 

x Chloe


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