Friday, 6 April 2012

Macaroon vol.2

I don't give up! And yes, they have a feet. I was screaming in my happiness, my brother thought I'm crying. Ok, not every pieces became perfect, but at least some of them did.
What changed? I grinded the almond with the icing sugar, and then I sifted that. Some bigger almond-pieces stayed, but I didn't care. It doesn't matter for me, if it's not like the solid silk.
I whipped the eggs for less time, and in the first five minutes on 180, and after that I baked on 160 degrees.
I read lot of articles and blogposts about macaroonmaking's experiences. Sugar-thermometer? Five days rested albumen? Oh, leave me alone. Without all these stuff, It's hard enough to make, these lot ados aren't necesarry. Leave them for people, who's profession is this. In my opinion.
The colour is because food colouring. As I plan, I make blue ones on Sunday. Recipe below :)

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  1. Juuuuj Chloe ez nagyon menő lett :D